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    Marcel Bodea. Premise ale interdisciplinaritatii. previous · menu · next. Abstract. This essay formulates some premises of interdisciplinarity. ...

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    Between Religious Localism and Global Communication ... Author: Marcel Bodea Journal: Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies ...

    Sep 2007 - ...same university or other schools within the city. The contributors from the philosophy department of BBU are, first, Marcel Bodea, who is a doctoral candidate at the University of Bucharest and instructor of epistemology in the Chair of Syste

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    Marcel Bodea, Complexitatea ? teme logice, ontologice si epistemologice, Editura ... Marcel Bodea, Premise ale interdisciplinaritatii, în: Journal for the ...

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    Author: Marcel Bodea. Abstract: This essay formulates some premises of interdisciplinarity. The ideas are critically and generally expressed but the ...

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    Articole cu acelasi autor. Pentru autorul curent, in partea a doua a paginii sunt ... Nume autor: MARCEL BODEA

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    Teoria cunoasterii(c), Marcel Bodea, Luni, 10-12, VIII. Teoria cunoasterii(s), Drd. Arnautu Robert, Luni, 12-14, I, VIII ...

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    Epistemologie postat de goth_me13 in facultate la categoria ... Profesor: Marcel Bodea. Domenii: Psihologie. Nota: (8/10) Download. Cost: Downloadeaza Document ...